August 24, 2011

After some turbulent weeks (moved into a new apartement together with Sandrine) and a restart with my photographic laboratory, which is in the bathroom, in the kitchen and a little bit everywhere, I have time to upload some new stuff. I’m still waiting for my 35mm lens I’ve ordered since december last year. So, I think that my habit in taking pictures have not changed. This is bad, because I want to training myself shooting different. Maybe another lens brings other angles. But anyway, here we go with the pics:

My personal extinction…

A clash of culture and generation.

For once I shot more urban than city street.


Catwalk in the sky.

A Sandrine stands in the woods, quiet and mute.

Dining with Sandrine at Celinas. Here she’s waiting for the menu.

Here she has realized that I’m taking pictures.

Here she’s totaly deperate because the menu didn’t come yet.

The Mastergame.

120 HP5 roll with Yashica MAT 124G

Don’t detected the wrong exposure, underexposed. Try some adjustements with scanning and photoshop.

Where’s the mirror?

No trespassing…

Trapped full into the downpour.

Sandrine is reading in the train after get splashy.

What’s in the hole?

A railroad controller check the details of this old madam who has forgotten her train subscription. I understand that this is necessary, but make such hassle with an old women is just stupid. Oh yes, it’s my first sharp hipshot :-)

After the “Gurten-Festival”.

Wish I will receive my 35mm soon…

He sold “swiss” buttons for the big party. People just ignored him.

Dalai, Simon and me went to the “Allmend” areal because we thought there’s an 1st august party. After a few minutes we detected that a thousand of peolpe are begging. It was the national begging day of the catholic church. In a way it was a little bit creepy, but very quiet and peaceful.

Wasn’t about me, sun was blinding as hell.

Different types of religion joined the event.

“I hate mamas pumps…”

CUT! Bought a Rollei (by accident)

This is Dani, the man who sold me the Rolleiflex Planar 2.8F. I saw it in a showcase in zurich. He’s very nice, so i made the first picture of him. Thanks for the Espresso!

Forch, near Zurich.

Sandrine study one of her books.

First trying with the Rollei on street .

Cop Land.

Only Lavazza is sharp. I’m disapointed from the original Rollei focusing screen. It’s too dark. Maybe I will find a brighter one anywhere?

Ok, this is just weird.

A horse named dog.

I hope that tree will not drown :-)

They are watching you.

Sandrine has found a new friend.

The vegetable-market.

Some african culture on the citystreet.

Just asked him for a picture. Nice guy, but forgot his name.

Don’t go in there!

Book vs. newspaper.

Fuel for the trip. Around 06:00 am.

Sure, not all pictures are good. But I believe I’m on a good way to make “better” street photography, especially when I change my behavior. Hope I get the 35′ lux soon…

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