October 28, 2011

After many times of thinking about increasing the image quality of my scanned negatives with the equipment I have, I killed all the old habits and created an all new workflow. You know, all that ins’t so easy as it seems. It’s challenging and takes a lot of time, endurance and, for sure, money. Or I have just too high requirements to myself :-) With all that I’m not making better picture, but a better presentation.

Bill Maxwell from Maxwell Precision Optics U.S.  made me a beautiful new focusing screen for the Rollei which is no comparsion to the original. Now focusing is mutch easier and match also at low light. Here are the latest pics:

There was election campaign of the swiss parties. Much more police these days…

Obviously I took that shot uncomposed and to fast. Sometimes I really don’t know what I’m doing…

That’s cool.

Same incompetence here. Shame on me.

Ready everytime.

Hang On!


I like this one.

A few seconds later he tooked a book and started to read, that would been the better shot.

Attack of the Killer-Baggage Cart!

Three color frames. The rest of the film was killed by accident.

So what’s the next step?

Choose more women for politics!

Maybe she’s waiting for him?

It was my birthday. Sandrine and I went to Geneva for having an “Entrecote” at cafe de paris.

I had learned many new things when I study all the manuals and settings. But a good picture isn’t just find a coinstar Coinstar Money Transfer in La paz, Bolivia perfect technique, it requires a deeper personal statement. I work on both.

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2 Kommentare zu October 28, 2011

  1. Arne sagt:

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog. I enjoyed looking through your pictures, keep up the good work.

  2. Roger sagt:

    Sehr gute Arbeit, ich verweile gerne auf deiner Seite und bin schon auf die nächsten Bilder gespannt.

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