Vienna, October 2011

In mid-September, Sandrine asked me if we like to visit Vienna. As I am, want to see the whole world, we booked spontinious 4 days in October. I took the M7 with a borrowed canadian 35mm Summicron and the Rollei with me.

On the way to Austria. Last time I flew was when Sandrine and I went to Ireland.

In the hotelroom straight at the Prater.

There are four of these Basilophones. We don’t cracked the secret of them.

Do you think they’re happy?

People really enjoyed the look-out.

The subway is a nice way to reach various destinations very quick. Sandrine loved it.

I saw a sightseeing.

In front of the Cafe Mozart.

What a decadent garage…

I liked the arrangement.

Shooting with a 35mm, I understand now what a hipshot means.

The Esterhazy Keller. I made more shots, but they are all wiggly.

Forgotten bag-jacket-bicycle.

Trust me, I hasitated make this shot. This was the second time I saw this man in a day, and like Sandrine sayd, in Switzerland you will never see someone like him in public. So it isnt’t a trophy, it’s more reverence.

This one is my favorite.


Some tea?


View from the Danube Island.

Back in Switzerland. I will miss the friendly kind of Vienna and how easy they take everyday life.

I’m not happy with these pictures. One or two are nice, but at all it isn’t the result I’ve expected. I will put the cam aside for a few weeks and do something different than taking pictures.

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  1. Roger sagt:

    Wiedermal eine gelungene Arbeit. Die Fotos sind super, jedes von ihnen erzählt eine Geschichte. Und nun mach hinne. Ich warte auf die nächste Arbeit.

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