December 19, 2011

First pictures with my new lens, the Summilux 35mm. Of course I try first some low light shots at f/1.4

Sandrine and me on the way to work.

Pure swiss culture.

Playing billiard with Marc again after a year or so. I love this evenings with good conversation and beer.

Poser :-)

The last time i try to make these pictures with the 50mm 2:0 they were all shaked. It’s great what a half aperture can make possible.

Hi… creepy.

My last physiotherapie session with Ana.

As we were looking for our first common apartement, we also checked out one in this building. I’m very happy now with our actual apartement on the groundfloor on the other side of the city.

Everything you see here is happening in realtime.

That’s massive, way to work every morning.

Olena and Vito. Don Vito Corleone, you know :-)

This is Christian. He’s a pretty nice guy. But sometimes…

… really strange things happening to him. These elves for example.

On the way to Thun.

I was waiting for Sandrine in an hotelroom in Thun.

This was somekind of a theater i think.

With this pic, I will close my photographic year 2011. I wish you all nice holydays and wewill see us in 2012.

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2 Kommentare zu December 19, 2011

  1. Arne sagt:

    Ein schöner Abschluss für 2011. Ich freue mich auf neue Posts für 2012. Welche Filme hast Du benutzt und wie entwickelt?

  2. Hi Arne, vielen Dank! Ich habe mit dem Kodak TriX 400 geknipst und dann ganz normal mit XTOL 1:1 entwickelt.

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