March 4, 2012

New year, new gear. I did a couple of photography jobs, so I’ve earnd some extra money. First I tried to get an used Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED on ebay. No chance, my limit was broken one hour before the auction ends. So I bought a new Coolscan V ED with Silverfast from a shop in Germany. Now I can work incredible faster and become a beautiful better image quality. Here are the pictures I made with the 35mm Summilux and scanned with the new Nikon, a great combination I think.

It was a windy day at the Lake of Lucerne.

We were out for a walk. Much better density in this picture.

“Just stop taking pictures and come to bed with me”


Some shots with Rodge in Solothurn.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Rodge and his new baby :-)

It’s funny to support him with his new camera, because I have no idea what I’m talking about :-)

Street in Basel, one week later.

Hypnotic interactive.


I have to say that I made many pics of him in this post. One way, I want to exercise my portrait skills, on the other way I like to document the reunions with my friends or family. There are also great moments to catch.

They never attack alone.

I have to work on my perspectives.

The pic that Rodge made of this bridge

A neighbors cat. She really likes us.

Damn cold days. Want to take some pics in the office.

We had some “unamusing” work to do. Trash the fiscal year of 2000.

No, I’m not just took pictures. She’s not had to do all alone :-)

I told her that I saw the movie “Milk” with Sean Penn. She sayd “yeah, Sean Penn was the best James Bond for all time”. I had to laugh out loud :-)

A special place in my memories from my childhood. It’s a subway in Olten, a city my family and me were visiting on sundays to take a walk.

My little sister Joanna. Okay, she’s not little anymore. Going shopping for shoes.

I met Rodge at the trainstation in Lucerne for taking pictures. As usual, we first get a coffee before we start shooting.

The morning sun.

Lake Lucerne. The same one as the first pic in this post, just on an other side.

They drink hot tea. It’s still creepy cold without sunshine.

Feeding the seagulls, a national sport.

Grab the cat!

The sun in the afternoon.

A couple of pairs.

Crazy mask

Who’s copying who?

Poor guy, totally overstrained.

Actually, I don’t know at what they stare.

Time runs.

Good luck guys.


I’m so satisfied with my new scanner. The old one just made a lot of problems. The quality was “belowground” and I had to invest a whole day to scan a full film. Now I make it in 2 hours. I just need some time to figure out the best settings. Should I re-scan all my negs?

I guess that I recovered some courage, or ambition, to make more exciting pictures than in the last time. That’s a step forward. But it’s still a long way to reach the results I imagine. I wish I have more time for taking pictures. Next time I try to get closer and more in front to the subject. And I have to go more down to the ground with my point of view, Mr. Lang :-)

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6 Kommentare zu March 4, 2012

  1. Sebastian sagt:

    Öhm ok das hier ist alles ziemlich geil, bin irgendwie hierher gestolpert. Alles gebookmarkt! Weiter so, komme wieder!

  2. Dennis sagt:

    hat gerade gefühlte 2 Stunden gedauert bis sich die Seite aufgebaut hat. Aber hat sich gelohnt. Sehr eindrucksvoll das Ganze. :D

  3. @Dennis: man surft ja auch nicht mit dem Faxgerät im Internet rum :-) Vielen Dank.

  4. Arne sagt:

    Hallo Patrik! Vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch. Ich gehe auch immer wieder gerne auf Deine Seite und freue mich über Update. Mach weiter so :)

  5. Dalai sagt:

    Hallo Patrik, sehr schön. Wär cool wenn man zu jedem Bild einen Kommentar abgeben könnte. Die Bilder aus der letzten Serie sind wunderbar!

  6. Thomas sagt:

    Gerade durch Zufall deinen Blog entdeckt, auch gleich mal abonniert…sehr tolle Bilder dabei!

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