Two Years

I know, it’s a big post to start this blog. But it’s the conclusion about two years analogue photography with black and white film. It’s interesting to see the difference between the few first and last pictures in this process. I also have learnd to develope film by myself in this time. All pictures are made with a Leica M7 and a Summicron 50mm lens. I used Kodak TriX 400.

One of the first shots with my new M7.

Zurich at night, take some pics with Marc.

The metrostation near Sandrine lives. First try of a hipshot, not very successful. I think it works better with 35mm than 50mm.

This is Tom, my physiotherapist and the bassgitarist from BlackMoonVoodoo. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Over the midday-break, my friend Dalai and me went to downtown to take some pictures. This guy was working outside the “Gaskessel” in Bern. We asked him if he can show us the inside of the building.

A man enjoy the first warm days in the “Marzili” open air bath… in february.

I believe it’s still shut.

My sisters.

Drama baby drama!

A lonely cup.

Cara, the neighbours cat.

A conversation.

20 minutes is an omnipresent free newspaper. You can find this boxes everywhere in the cities and the papers lies on the seats in all trains and buses.

Unexpected trapped in the frame.

First roll medium format with the Yashica MAT 124G.

Last days of summer.

No borders to fascism?

First snow falls.

A young recruit is waiting for the train to start another week in swiss military-bootcamp.

Simone & René.

In vino veritas.

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