Gambatesa, August 2012

This is a very familial thing. It was the wedding of my cousin Michele in Gambatesa, Italy. So my mother and my sisters drove down with the car, Sandrine and me flew a week later. When I was a kid, we drove down every year in summer schoolvacation. But after the divorce of my parents, it wasn’t so easy to get down anymore. Anyway, it was my first visit after five years, and to my surprise, nothing has changed there. But my point of view and sense for the people and the village have changed a lot.

On the way to Zurich.

We had to sleep that night in a hotel near the airport because the flight was early in the next morning.

Rome, what a hells kitchen. I didn’t take much pictures there because the humidity was around 100%, just afraid to get fungus in the lens or something else.

The first night in Italy I became so sick. I was looking like a zombie and of course, on this day was the wedding. Carmen, preparing for the wedding of her brother Michele.

My mom :-)

He was talking with my mother about his job in the army. Stationed in Lebanon.

Michele, the last two minutes before the big show begins.

Wish you two a great time!

On the way to the huge party. Never seen windparks so close, the whole mountain was full of it. But the resident villages will not have any of the power they produce. Politics.

As I sayd, I was so sick that I could’t handle my camera. A shame, missed many great moments, I really regret it. But there was a photographer of course, won’t do his job. Close family to Micheles side.

Come on, doesn’t he look like Al Pacino?

Carmen and her boyfriend Francesco, maybe the next wedding. Shot f2.8 at lowlight, you can see the problem.

Testing al dente :-)

Zia Anna’s job everyday, cutting the bread.

Zia Anna compare her hands with Sandrines. She mades her compliments because she don’t use nail polish. What a thankful moment for the camera.

There are watertanks or, like here, solarpannels on the rooftops.

I decided to make more portrait and documentation than street. so my most recited phrase in this week was “posso fare una fotografia?” -can I make a picture?- the results are stunning. The people of Gambatesa are so unique. They’re like actors and the village is the stage.

One of the rare moments I can make a picture of my mother. She hates it to be photographed.

She becomes curious, so I could made this beautiful shot.

Franco took us up in his garden. His BIG garden. Look at his face how proud he is :-)

Top view from the garden, the lake in the back.

Cracking the nut.

Some old radiators.

Love the dark edges at f1.4.

This was a very interesting situation. He was sitting at the wall on his walking frame. I asked him if I can make a picture of him. He negate, but then he started to talk about his life. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand all, but he was in war, marine I guess. I’ve just listened intently, then he asked me about my name. So I told him my mother is from Gambatesa, she’s here for vacation. At this point, he stands up and sayd: “so, now you can make a picture of me”. When I look at this pic now, I ask myself why I didn’t made a spot shot with the Rollei, but that wouldn’t be the same because it will just show an old man. But on this frame with some distance, it gives him respect and holds the place of his life.

My sister Ramona, chilling under the ventilator.

Maybe too much personal.

Zia Anna, 94 years old. Vital like a teenager.

In the garage of Franco’s sanitary storage. Incredible how much light cames on a ISO100 Film, I’ve never thought that because it was so dark. Fuji Neopan.

Carmen is checking her emails for orders. She have a little shop or bakery, don’t know what’s the right definition, she makes handmade pasta, very delicious!

In a bar, drinking some special coffee. Gelati is the only weapon against this heat.

In Carmens pasta-bakery.

The very special alleys of Gambatesa.

Zio Michele

Yeah, very cool to be the only man in company with three beautiful women :-)

Newstime. The turn on/off of this television sounds like Super Mario.

Sandrine and my sister Joanna.

Making salsa.

Caffè & Biscotti.

The killers…

Italy was definitely a new expirience in case of interacting with people for taking pictures of them. It is a big difference between there and here in switzerland, because the people of Gambatesa were very pleased when I asked for a photo. In switzerland, most of the people are afraid of misusage the pics of them or something, that makes it difficult. This are maybe the best pictures I’ve ever made, so I want to hold up this line now.

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3 Kommentare zu Gambatesa, August 2012

  1. seb sagt:

    Wow, das ist bisher dei bester Eintrag. Wahnsinnig gut!

  2. Dennis sagt:

    Echt wahnsinnig gut. Es gibt dermaßen viele Favoriten das ich gar nicht erst anfangen möchte. Zuviele, die man einfach an die Wand hängen könnte. Vielleicht doch eines an dem ich noch etwas länger hängen blieb. Eins der letzten, das im Laden, das Ehepaar (?) hinterm Tresen. Unbedingt das. Nicht das davor nur mit ihr. Bemerkenswert gut.

  3. @seb: vielen Dank, das sehe ich auch so :-)
    @Dennis: danke dir. Ich glaube nicht das sie verheiratet sind, ich denke sie sind eher sehr gute Freunde.

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