September 3, 2012

First of all, I want to thank all you guys who visit my blog. I appreciate the conversation with you and it’s an enrichment and inspiration to study your work as well.

First some Rollei shots. I have to say that I had some problems with developing medium format in the last time. Got this strange dark cloudy stains on the edge of the frames everytime, that mades me dissatisfied. Tried out some tricks but they didn’t work as well, so I was reserved shooting with the Rollei. But now I believe I have the problem under control, no stains this time.

Maybe I should use the Rollei just for portrait and not for this crap, I guess.

Waiting for exit.

If you ever asked yourself why I’m taking so much pictures at trainstations, this is my daily way to work. I’m not so happy with that fact, but better than nothing I guess because I’m sitting 8 hours and a half in front of a screen in the office. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Nice couple, looks like for her and him :-)

Sandrine tried to cool down with a cold bottle of water.

Seems to be a good plan on this hot days.

Waiting for Rodge. Wasting some time and film.

In Fribourg with Rodge. I don’t know exactly why we go to the “Welschland”, over the “Röschtigraben” so often. But it is different.

On the way to Locarno for a little photographic job. This one I made at the trainstation of Lucerne through a dirty trainwindow.

Filmfestival of Locarno was at the same day.

Some pics from the job I worked on.

Someone crushed this traffic light. I’m asking myself how they do that.

Meet Christina, the one and only.

At the “Tramdepot” in Bern.

They make excellent beer and…

beef tartare.

She asked me where she can take a look on my pictures. I know I gave her a card when they was fresh printed, but she’s lost it. No problem, have still enough of them.

There are many of these cellar in the oldtown of bern and she became curious, especially for this one.

Finished the roll.

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