December 1, 2012

Time goes by, some pleasant and some very sad things happened in the last months. All of us have to look foreward. Ironically, this blog shows just moments of the past, that’s the nature of a picture. In the last time, I’ve thought much about what’s the reason to capture a moment or why not. What is my personal intention to take a picture of a situation? Is it because it touch my sense or just why it is maybe looking interesting to the audience? Do I photograph for myself or for the people who say they like my pictures? What is making me driven? Hard to answer that, but I’m very concentrated now to analyse every situation I want to capture and asking myself why I do this, intuitive I think. I won’t say more now, let’s start with the latest entry.

Not enough space? Bern is a city of bicycles.

Rolf at my workplace.

That’s maybe something for my german friends, I don’t get it. The people on the right side trapped in the frame at this moment, wish they didn’t but I made the shot anyway.

The last picture I’ve made of Roger. Damn… feel empty without him.

Saw this on the way home from shopping.

Unfortunately you can’t see the sparks which the workers made.

In Solothurn with Sandrine. It was a very nice Sunday.

Cool bag.

Someone lost his folding rule.

Headline: Dirk Bach is dead. That’s autumn I think…

Nice to see someone is awaiting you after a long and boring working day :-)

I was running out of film, so i decided to buy a package of TriX. While I was standing there and waited for appliance, I’ve realized this scene and just thought “someone have to capture it”.

At the “Turnhalle” for a beer. He saw two pretty girls beneath us.

At the annual Kirmes with Andy and Joel.

Saturday morning, met up with some guys for taking pictures. Traditional coffe first.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Left the builder, right the tester :-) It takes about 60 hours to make one of these horns.

First frost that morning.

Got a Thumps Up for the Leica, just tested it here. It’s a great helping tool!

Unbenannt-7Met Eliane for a little shooting. She’s a photographer too, check out her impressiveportrait-series >>Lebensbilder<<




My M7 go to Solms now for service because the digital readout is broken. So I will be 2 or 3 months without my camera.

I think this is the last post in this year. Wish you all great christmas days and we will see us in 2013. Hopefully.

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  1. Schöne Serie! Ich hoffe, Deine M7 ist bald wieder fit.

    So bin ich gerade noch rechtzeitig, um Dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr zu wünschen und freue mich auf weitere Ergebnisse in 2013.

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