April 4, 2014


EricThis happens when your girlfriend meets strangers in the train and starts a chat. Eric Dylan, irish musican @ our home.

Patrik Kummer-38492Short trip to Olten.

Patrik Kummer-38496

Patrik Kummer-38497

Patrik Kummer-38502

Patrik Kummer-38556Didn’t I told you? Simon is a helicopter pilot. Soon, I mean…

Patrik Kummer-38559Checking the copter.

Patrik Kummer-38563


Patrik Kummer-38568

Patrik Kummer-38575

Patrik Kummer-38581

Patrik Kummer-38584

Patrik Kummer-38585

Patrik Kummer-38586

Patrik Kummer-38588

Patrik Kummer-38593

Patrik Kummer-38594

Patrik Kummer-38596

Patrik Kummer-3859916mm face.

Patrik Kummer-38600

Patrik Kummer-38602

Patrik Kummer-38607

Patrik Kummer-38608

Patrik Kummer-38609

Patrik Kummer-38617

Patrik Kummer-38619

Patrik Kummer-38620

Patrik Kummer-38622


Patrik Kummer-38627

Patrik Kummer-38629

Patrik Kummer-38641

Patrik Kummer-38649

Patrik Kummer-38653

Patrik Kummer-38659

Patrik Kummer-38661

Patrik Kummer-38684

Patrik Kummer-38727

Patrik Kummer-38731

Patrik Kummer-38743

Patrik Kummer-38744


Patrik Kummer-38760

Patrik Kummer-38771

Patrik Kummer-38775

Patrik Kummer-38777

Patrik Kummer-388093 hours walk outside.

Patrik Kummer-38826

Patrik Kummer-38828

Patrik Kummer-38843

Patrik Kummer-38861

Patrik Kummer-38865

Patrik Kummer-38869

Patrik Kummer-38883Out of my hotelroom in genevea from my latest assignment.

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