July 18, 2016

finally a new post after a while. i don’t no why, neither i find the time  to taking pictures for myself nor to develope them. i always work in the office or shoot on assignments for other people, which has pretty grown in the last year. that is why i did something very insane and bought me a leica monochrom to cut out the time between exposing and presentation. i thought that would be a new inducement, but also that didn’t helped really and it’s just not the same like shooting with film. but my M7 have some new erratic electronic issues which make me not really happy to use it and block me somehow. maybe i’ve been stucked in daily routine and ridiculous problems like the wrong camera bag or the wrong starp are driving me crazy. looking now for a M6 TTL in good condition or a new MP and i hope it will refresh my passion.

pictures from fall 2015 ’til today. mixed film and monochrom.

Patrik Kummer-1000087curious if you can separate the digital and analog shots in this post. i’m not a tech freak and i also do not write any reviews, but what i can say about the monochrom: it’s a real 100% leica m which produces  gorgeous and pure b&w files. they just look like tri x. i use it with my 35mm summilux (without 6bit or adjustment) and the results are amazing. there is absolutely no compromise in image and build quality and i’m sure, there is nothing out there that can keep up with the blackandwhite soul of this camera. but of course, the organic touch of film is still missing.

Patrik Kummer-1000088I didn’t know there is a charging point for electric cars in my town. Tesla.

Patrik Kummer-1000102little stonehenge

Patrik Kummer-1000108

Patrik Kummer-1000160We found a ruin in the neighboorhood on a walk.

Patrik Kummer-1000216blur of white color on the street. reminds me of a skull. it’s still there, i see it everday.

Patrik Kummer-1000336a man with a hat and raincoat. classic.

Patrik Kummer-1000373the fin of the whale. paul klee zentrum in bern. don’t know if it is allowed to take pictures of it?

Patrik Kummer-1000385i like this one.

i met Thomas C. Breuer for a shooting. a good soul and a brilliant cabaret artist.
check out his work: http://www.tc-world.com/



Unbenannt-7la dolce vita.

Unbenannt-11showing andy how to develope his first roll

Unbenannt-13yes, life can be very boring sometimes.


Unbenannt-15never thought this shot turn out this epic.


Unbenannt-18a cities little accidents






Unbenannt-27one of the first shots with my new (old) Summicron 35mm ASPH. it’s much more compact than the summilux and give me a more “not so overloaded” feeling. but there’s no comparison to the beautiful f1.4 of the summilux.

Untitledall the mess in front of our bedroom has started. construction during from sept 2015 until today. no end in sight.

Untitled (3)

Patrik Kummer-1000414guess the holder of this chair been fired.

Patrik Kummer-1000435in the small town of Ligerz. vine-culture.

Patrik Kummer-1000437

Patrik Kummer-1000440gloves again.

Patrik Kummer-1000443

Patrik Kummer-1000448

Patrik Kummer-1000455

Patrik Kummer-1000457maximum effort!

Patrik Kummer-1000458

Patrik Kummer-1000460

Patrik Kummer-1000473

Unbenannt-1vistiting the sherlock holmes museum in meiringen in january

Unbenannt-2car plug-in


Unbenannt-4heroic cat

Unbenannt-6requiem for a traffic light

Unbenannt-7strange deco


Unbenannt-12a weekend in schaffhausen

Unbenannt-14view on schaffhausen from “munot”, somekind of a fortress i guess?



Unbenannt-17“no sharks in the rhein-river”. really? good to know

Unbenannt-20sandrine in great light. visiting franziska and mirek in their bar in bienne, called “czech -point”. maybe this will become my own far “Café Lehmitz

Unbenannt-21a punk concert was announced that evening


Unbenannt-25summilux would be the better choice here than the summicron. but i have absolutely nothing against some movement-blur, i like that anayway. it makes a picture more dynamic.

Unbenannt-26good old johnny.

Image 1 (2)

Image 1 (4)

Image 1 (5)

Image 1 (6)some thought about the punks that night. we were in bienne, a french embossed city in switzerland. cultures and ethnos are totally mixed up here and it’s not the safest place i guess (we walked from the trainstation straight into a brawl). but i never had a bad feeling, this people were just peaceful and i was able to take some shots without any concern. in a way, i think to be a punk today is to upright a cliché which looks very exhausting to me. it’s loud and wild and just to be categorical different and there are also the ultra-liberal ones (is that right?). but i think here i have met some people who are just living not so straight in the form of society.

please correct me if i’m totally wrong.

L1000488turnaround scene change. we were invited for the pre-opening of the “Mosimann Colllection” in bouveret. it’s a school for prospective “chefs” with students form all over the world.

L1000492some strange things happened there…







L1000520all students and staff were dressed circus-like. it was just beautiful-looking.

L1000522just realized that this is her family and asked them for a picture. i sent it to the school, hope she received it.

L1000523indian hands (i guess)

L1000524love glasses in back light


L1000529Mr. Mosimann opens the Collection officially.

L1000531after the party, we walked down to the sea.

L1000534spectacular sunset.

L1000536here you can see the amazing tones and “deepness” of the monochrom. it’s stunning.


L1000560on the way home from le bouveret.

L1000570formerly, there were heads on a lance. now there are helmets.

Image 1 (9)

Image 1 (10)

Image 1 (11)

leftovers from a weekend

Image 1 (12)actually, this is the last frame i shot with the M7. a flying truck.

in the meanwhile, i have send back my M7 to leica. curious what they will say about the iso-issue. but i’m not willing to invest more money in replacements for it. we had not a good start together. as i was unboxing it, the time-dial was full of white blurs, i didn’t saw the seconds-engravements. then, parts of the led panel in the viewfinder starts to disappear. sometimes, i saw all the strokes of the led numbers and then one or two of them just vanished. i was no longer to say if the a number is a 8 or 6 or 4.

after 4! repairs, two of it in germany, the problem seemd to be solved. and now that iso-issue. asa blinks in the viewfinder when i turn on the power and the camera is blocked for 30sec!. i think i’m done with it. i want a tool that just works right at the moment when i need it, and the M7 literally failed that simple claim. of course, i could work with the monochrom. but it don’t give me that feeling than shooting with film do. i also had invested so much time in learning all the techniques of developing and enlarging and buying the expensive but great nikon scanner.

i’m very unhappy to spent again so much money, but something new is ordered now by Mr. Lang. i hope the new cam will refresh my passion and my trust in a company with such a history, that became so lazy now imo.

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