April 17. 2017

some pictures from winter until today. a short trip to a rainy london and a terrorist attack.

monochrom + 35 & 50mm

an early morning trip with marc

first freezing 2016

mr. m. posing like a pro

crime scene?

leftovers from new year’s eve

old cinema

m7 & mp + 35m

first shots with the new mp

sister and mother

some last m7 + 35’cron schots

one last shot with the oddly M7 (worked that day)

olena on the phone, my room is quiet ;)

the ladies

first steps with my new SILVER mp ;) the silver finish is much more durable than the black. and yes i know, it’s boring to see my selfie in a mirror…

sis in desk light

a good lesson in correct exposure

he has just to sell a pair of them…

bad optician


waiting for the train after a 3 hours walk


short trip to london. monochrom 35 + 50mm (totally the wrong cam for streetshooting)

view on whitechapel through the hotel window

perspective one

perspective two

like brainwash

the third dimension

#michaelsebastian sounds awsome!

Dana Lixenberg was the best, great portraits.

on march 22,  we walked in Hyde Park at the same moment as the other guy crashed with a car into the people on the westminsterbridge

later, we took the metro to Heathrow and there was no sign or news about the terrorist attack, even at the airport.

train to work (obvious)




christelle and lilith

cinema (ghost in the shell)

wrong placed door

spring is coming

prepare to go out


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