November 25, 2017

this is my 2017 post! a lot good shit happened this year, hope it will go ahead this way!

weekend =



awesome weekend on rigi, queen of the swiss mountains

the “alp-connection”

you shall not pass!!!

drive-in cinema

posing in handy light. who needs a flash?


met dalai after acouple of years, nice evening at the busker, streetmusicfestival in bern

i wanted to take some shots of the musicans, but there were so many people it was hard to find a good angle.


gorgeous band from bretagne, smashed some “punky” chansons

crazy folkore-shit, awesome to watch

stranger things…

the lonesome guy

waiting at the bus-station, hip shot! always amazed that this works!


sundy family-meet-up

what’s the matter?

the new guy

„il malocchio„

painted with light

erika and christoph at the vernissage

sandrines new car

#suicidalmermaid in the bandroom, we took some shots and made a short clip you can watch here:


my halloween-pic 2017. the end.

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