Sunday 20, 2018

this is my first try ever to push a film. kodak trix 400 pushed to 800. a like it throughout the fading light times like winter

shut down mode

train on the way to milano

we decided to stay in the corridor. too many people and bad air

the reason for our trip to milano, James Nachtwey exhibition in the Palazzo Reale. just breathtaking

the glass-dome in the middle of the Galleria Vittorio. awesome building

the dome made in lego bricks. *slobber*

on the run for a good restaurant. we noticed that can be a real challenge in milano

a string from a gift package on the public street. some people have no patience

parking italian style


never saw a truck open like this

the leftovers from the exhibition, back at home

Satish Kumar, indian activist and author. there was no time and a bad location to take a good portrait

don’t be afraid.

the ice they used to cool down the alcohol for carnival. didn’t melt for days.

heading to zurich. stopped in olten for a coffee.

damn cold days.

the heart attack size.

take a closer look at the center.

winter salt.

on the way to freiburg im breisgau. leaving basel, misty everytime we go there.

the coffeinators. mathias and patrick, saddler and shoemaker. mathias made me a custom photobag.

honey, breakfast is ready. with a bar of chocolate.

back in olten. wash day?

time to dispose all the photo chemicals from last year.

another trip.

again at the trainstation in basel. preparing tea instead of coffee.

the long journey to bretagne has started.

montparnasse trainstation.

in the tgv to quimper. underneath the white towel left in the picture was a sleeping baby.

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