Lisbon, June 2018

some pictures from spring with friends and a surprising holiday, first in b&w, then in color

drinks for free after we have donated 9 shopping bags full of Sandrines old books to “La Piazzetta”, a nice pizzeria.

2 days Fantasy Basel. why i took no pictures there? so many great cosplays, didn’t know where to start. there where many professional looking photographers and there are very cool pictures on facebook

visiting Jonas, Sandrines cousin who lives in zurich. a little city trip first and then a bbq at his cozy apartment.

bbg on the roof-deck

saturday, dinner with Conny and Simon

sweet company

finally june! one month of unpaid leave! we have booked a suprising holiday, one week before boarding we have received an envelope with the destination: lisbon! here we are sitting in the hotel bar. Sandrine is checking the map, i just follow.

the first evening, we rest at the Rio Tejo after a walk down through the city center

the next day, we walked above the city, outside from the center through some poor looking quarter, and then back to the Rio Tejo. this was the most impressive walk.

back in the tourist zone, in front of the trainstation

time for coffee, seeking the next spot

visiting Belém the third day

here the rollei color shots from the first day on

this holes in the sidewalk are totally normal in Lisbon.

the walk down through the city until the Rio Tejo

“Elevador de Santa Justa”, a cool piece of art

late night and spare light, try to find the way back to the hotel

the walk through the poor looking streets, second day

back in the city center

looks adventuresome

drunken pigeons?

the longest and stair ever…

again at the Rio Tejo. a clown ist counting some coins in his hand

the third day in Belém

still courious what’s behind that door

he saw us coming when we walked down the street and started to wonder “ah, rolleiflex!”. i asked him if i can take a picture because i like his style.

back in Lisbon

the one and only streetcar without any advertising

end of the third day, last dinner in Lisbon at the Ao 26 (awesome vegan restaurant!) we where sitting in front of the kitchen and after that incredible meal i asked the guys if i can take a shot. i ran out of portra 400 the day before, so i had to find a retailer. i found a pack of portra 160. but there was almost not enough light for this shot


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