Gambatesa, September 2018

for my mother’s 60th birthday, we all went to our family in italy to make party! but firts some last shots from lisbon

back home, on the way to buy some trampolines

looking like ufo’s

what a kiss…

near a full meal. just why?

let’s start the ride to italy

first stop

first sunlight

another stop

stopover in termoli

one of our kind neighbor

a very familiar scene

for sale, maybe every third door in gambatesa

excellent buffet! made all by marco!

marco. le chef!

antonio, the kindness in person

on the country, ready to do some magic!

the one and only right way to make tomato sauce

zio micheles old tractor. i have many memorys on this

dolce fai niente

i love then colors of the olive trees

seems to be the chill zone

yes, it is the chill zone

cracking some nuts

a childs dream come true, stir the sauce!

view from the balcony

the devil rides fiat, i knew it!

saturday night in a bar in gambatesa

joanna and i had to go home earlier, so we took the train

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