Welcome to my Photoblog. Here is the place to show and share the pictures I’m taking all the time. I take my camera(s) every day with me and I try to capture the moments that are interesting and special to me.

I like to document life around me. Nowhere else are so many various situations as in real life. I had many lucky times manifesting moments on film or digital frames, and the ones I have missed I can’t forget.

Due to my work as a freelance photographer, I have the opportunity to have access  to some special places and to meet all kinds of people. Whenever I can, I ask for a portrait.

I prefer black and white film because it have an unique characteristic, an universal purpose and it’s easy to develope in the own darkroom. Every picture become something special. I’m glad to welcome you taking a look at my pictures and would be very pleased if you let a comment for me. Thank you for your visit!

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